A creative twist from Rachael Ray. This 5 piece bakeware set is a delight to use with the extra wide handles designed for an easy grasp, even using bulky oven mitts. The silicone grips with a splash of color looks great. Nonstick coating inside and out makes for a long lasting and attractive set. Perfect for all your baking needs. Dishwasher safe and good up to 500F in the oven. Set includes 1 10×15 inch Crispy Sheet, 1 9×13 inch Rectangular Cake Pan 1 9×5 inchLoaf Pan and 2 9 inch Round. A pleasure to use for that next set of brownies or cookies. Another great offering from my favorite cook.

Rachael Ray Bakeware Set – Orange (5 Pc)

How could you not love this bakeware set. The wonderful colors available look great in the kitchen or on the dining room table. Perfect all around sizes for baking most anything from cakes, pies or a great casserole.

The one quart is just right for desserts and side dishes or a small meal and the one and a half quart takes care of a roast, baked chicken or larger side dish. I am sure you will find dozens of uses for this set as I have.

The well designed handles make for easy removal from a hot oven and moving to the table. I really love the idea of dual use bakeware sets. Less pans means less cleaning and these dishes are a snap to clean.

If you have not tried Rachael Ray Stoneware you are in for a treat. Quality made, even baking, beautiful to look at ,what’s not to like. Get it now at Amazon
Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown Stoneware 1-Quart and 1-1/2-Quart Oval Baker Set, Orange

The Bakeware Set

Just what a bakeware set is can be hard to define as there is no real standard type or number of pieces for bakeware sets. The simple reason for this being the different needs in the kind of baking each each person does. If your baking for yourself or just a couple your needs may be met with a small 3 or 4 piece set to which you may add an extra pan or two as needed. This can mean a nice way to save a little money on your purchase of bakeware. Read the rest of this entry

You will enjoy your kitchen more with the right kitchen bakeware and serving products. Whether it be a formal holiday dinner or just a game day gathering, a properly equipped kitchen is the secret to a memorable occasion. Setting up a well equipped kitchen has never been easier than using online shopping.

The amazing selection of bakeware available online caters to the individual, busy families and to those who just plain like to entertain. If you like cooking and baking you may choose from the best kitchen products such as stand mixers, blenders, quality bakeware sets of many materials and so much more. The selection of bakeware materials from aluminum bakeware to cast iron pans is quite amazing. Read the rest of this entry

Aluminum Bakeware

Muffin pan Of the many bakeware materials available , aluminum bakeware is one of the more popular in use today for a variey of reasons. Read the rest of this entry

   The large variety of kitchen bakeware materials available in the market today can lead to some confusion when deciding what you will need for your baking. Read the rest of this entry

   What do you need in kitchen bakeware ? Whether you are new to baking or an old pro, I would like to provide the best  sources for your baking needs. There are hundreds of online sites for and finding  just what you need can be quite a task. Here you will find what I have found to be the best after months of research for the most reliable sources, best prices and largest selection of your bakeware needs. Read the rest of this entry

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